Everyone loves a little F.A.Qs. There’s plenty happening in our little world. Here are a few helpful answers to our most frequently asked questions. Something we haven’t addressed? Contact us any time. Our Channel Management team is at your service.

The signup process takes place on this website and only takes a few minutes. Once completed, you will be able to start offering hosted services shortly after receiving your Partnership Welcome Letter!
No, the VAR Dynamics partnership is FREE. There are no start-up fees and getting signed up takes about 15 minutes on the VDI website. Subsequently, your firm will be charged a wholesale cost for the hosted services you order for your customers.
Absolutely! You will have a large array of tools available to you as soon as you are a partner. We will provide you with your own branded Control Panel and Support Website with a great KB (Knowledge Base).

You will be given access to pre-built web marketing pages for all of your hosted services…pages you can easily integrate into your own company’s website. You will also be able to brand and customize our pre-built Service Level Agreements, Customer Proposals, Terms of Service agreements and more. We’ve done the “heavy lifting” for you.

No, we sell our cloud business applications exclusively to IT solution providers in the channel.
No, VDC automatically provides all updates, upgrades, new versions, security updates, etc. so you can concentrate on your core capabilities. You need not worry about software/hardware issues.
Since you know your customer niche better than we do, we will probably be wrong if we suggested to you a set price for your particular hosted offerings. However, there is one theme that we have seen that works every time: charge your customers what the market bears. For example, your customer focus (i.e, government, financial, health care) may be able to absorb more for hosted CRM service than another partner that focuses on general businesses. However, to help you get started, we do provide an MSRP for every service offered.
VAR Dynamics provides a very simple pricing schedule as well as a clear monthly Partner Invoice that shows every customer, service, quantity, and price per service ordered.
NET 60! VAR Dynamics provides a very liberal payment term of Net 60. This allows you to bill your customers, receive payment from your customers, and pay us with zero out of pocket expense. You can focus on the profit!
Our partners provide Level 1 Support to customers and VAR Dynamics provides Level 2 support by phone or email 24/7/365. We’ll attend pre- and post-sale conference calls at your request. We provide you with access to our large Knowledge Base of articles and “how to’s” and we let you put the KB on YOUR WEBSITE, in YOUR SUPPORT SECTION, with YOUR url, domain name and customized header and navigation panel. All for free.
Not yet…but we are looking at options in the near future to bill the customers on behalf of our partners. You will be notified as soon as this is available.
Every customer has access to their own web-based interface to manage their account any time! They are able to add/remove features on-the-fly. You are even able to give them access to the Control Panel but restrict their ability to modify services. We enable this so that you can (if you choose to) manage these hosted services for the customer…and charge for those managed services.
As a partner, you will receive a customizable Partner Control Panel that will let you see and manage every customer any time via a web-based interface.
Not long at all. In fact, through your customized Partner Control Panel you will be able to provision new customers and new services on the fly!
Our team is available to talk to your customer any time! Pre-sales: we are available! Post-sales support: we are available! Most of your items will be handled via a support ticket…but we are always available via phone!
Absolutely! Since we stick to our core competency, we see others doing the same thing. By allowing us to host the services for your customers, you may focus more time and energy on your other core competencies and real talents.
No problem. You can suppress or enable any service at anytime. Today you may not be ready for hosted SharePoint. Tomorrow your largest client might request it. We’re offering flexibility and an answer to that dreaded question, “I didn’t know you did that.”
Happy you asked. Not only can you propose hosted services via single sign-on under your brand, now you can include your own professional services and hardware needs without meddling in multiple tools. PLEASE request a demo so you can see first-hand how robust and simple our platform truly is.
This is exactly why we created Positioning and Enablement for our Partners. Look, we can give you the best hosted services platform out there but realistically if we don’t position you and enable you to sell it, all you’ve done is add something really cool to your portfolio. The minute you become a partner you gain access to our Partner Programs including BuyBack, ActivePartner and ReadyNow which provides you with:

  • Branded Control Panel and Support Web Site.
  • Knowledge-Base articles you can brand and share as your own.
  • Pre-built Web marketing pages, content calendars, social media dev
  • Onboarding must-haves and templates to support it
  • Proposal, SLA and T&C Generators

AND MORE – check out our Positioning and Enablement pages for additional details.

Nope.  VDC does all updates, upgrades, security updates, patches and so forth automatically, on your behalf.  One less thing for you to worry about means more time for you to focus  on what you want to.
Currently our Channel Management team is here to assist you in getting started, but remember our click-to-provision services and enablement is overly simplified so training is minimal and you can hit the ground running.

Coming soon – we’ll have on-demand tutorials you can access and share any time, any where.

Absolutely. There’s power in partnership. By combining strengths within each organization, you can focus your time on what you deem important and we’ll assist with our core competency by hosting particular services for your customers.