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With our no-cost BES Connect service, VAR Dynamics delivers Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) to IT solution providers. Available with a Microsoft Exchange mailbox from VAR Dynamics, this free service enables partners to earn 100% margin on what they in turn charge their customers for the BES Connect service.

BES Connect can be used by people with either a BES Data Plan or a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) plan from their own wireless provider. Thus, there are no additional software licensing costs and no client-access license fees. For the end user, the only requirement is the actual BlackBerry smartphone and the internet-enabled BlackBerry service plan from their wireless provider.

What are you waiting for? Get started with our ReadyNow Partner Platform, the industry’s premier launching pad for Value-Added Resellers (VARs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Telcos and others to offer Hosted BES Connect to the exploding market for Cloud Application Services.

Sell Hosted BES Connect As Your Own Branded Service

Our Hosted BES Connect is a wireless solution that connects BlackBerry devices to Microsoft Exchange, keeping it synchronized with email, contacts, calendars and other critical business data. Hosted BES is designed to enable your customers to stay seamlessly connected to everything that matters to their business in real-time. This boosts productivity, drives sales and enhances customer service. With our Hosted BES Connect service, users can view and use the most common file formats used in business today – Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, etc. – while out in the field. Plus, automatic Outlook calendar updates are pushed out in real-time, keeping employees aware of last-minute scheduling changes.

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Partnership is easy…and FREE!

VAR Dynamics’ “white label” platform enables you to offer Hosted BES Connect services under your own company brand, and with minimal risk – our Partner Program has no start up fees, no minimum obligations, and generous Net 60 billing terms. Our partners deliver their services with our pre-built, ReadyNow white label tools, which include your own branded:

Control Panel (and Customer Control Panel, too)

Customer Support Website with an extensive Knowledge Base to bolster support operations

Web Pages that describe your Exchange service, and that you can customize

Sales Tools including Proposals, SLAs, TOS agreements and more that you can customize

The Business Case for Partnering with VAR Dynamics

SaaS… Cloud Application Services… Hosted Services… whatever term you use, this is the growth market for IT service providers now and in the future. VAR Dynamics enables you to enter this market selling some of the most in-demand business apps available. With VAR Dynamics, you can launch your own branded services quickly with our ReadyNow Partner Program, and you can do so with minimal risk. We’ve been doing this successfully for many years, we’ve already done the “heavy lifting” for you, and our Partner Support is unparalleled, as our partners will tell you.

The Business Case for Selling SaaS

Research from leading analyst firms confirms the explosive growth of SaaS in the marketplace. But for IT Service Providers more familiar with on-premise software sales, the transition to off-premise software services presents some challenges. VAR Dynamics’ ReadyNow Partner Program helps you quickly meet them. Once up and running, you too will enjoy the benefits of selling Cloud Application Services, including:

Annuity Revenue Streams – more predictable and stable revenues

Customer Growth and Diversification – due to the skyrocketing demand for SaaS

Customer Retention – due to the “sticky” nature of mission-critical business apps

Package and Integrate Additional Apps – via VAR Dynamics’ open API

Closer Customer Relationships – you become the customer’s “go-to guy” for their ongoing SaaS services

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